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Explicated Implicitness

In Collaboration with Miao Zhang
Finalist of Shenzhen Shekou Prince Bay Public Cultural Architecture Competition

Shenzhen, as one of the most ambitious and fast-growing Chinese cites in the past decades, has witnessed the revolutionary urbanization in both regional and global scales. The model of its own development also represents the city’s spirit of being innovative and open. As part of the central development plan in Shekou Prince Bay Area, the proposed building should mediate between urban life style and the architectural spatial experience.

This proposal highlights the idea of architecture as both an art piece and open urban space. Being an art piece, the building attracts public to visit, interact and further experience the space; being an open urban space, the building accommodates various public programs and events and facilitates the participation and communication at both urban and community levels. The reflective roof renders the building itself a fun palace; the open facade system and flowing space plan creates an open and public imageibility for the building and this region.

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