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The Super-Block:

Towards A Form of Territory

The Tropicality takes form of an ambiguous space.
The ambiguity of this space is a spatial, programmatic and territorial condition.

1. The spatial ambiguity is formed when a series of irreducible elements emerge within certain spatial framework. These elements become explicit figures and spatially and programmatically irreducible.

2. The programmatic ambiguity is configured both within and in between the irreducible elements. Within each element, the configured space accommodates flexible and dynamic activities and goods. In between different elements, the relation between ephemeral program/activity and permanent program/activity shapes the ambiguity as an infrastructure which eventually defines the form of territory.

3. The territorial ambiguity is defined by the previous two aspects. Together with the urban dimension of the building foot print, the spatial infrastructure operates at urban scale which not only accommodates various domestic life styles but also generations new forms of economy and urban amenities. This ambiguous space, ultimately, responds and restructures the relation between people and activity, community and nature within the tropical context.

We call this particular type of space the Super-Block.

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