Light Invents Invisible

In Collaboration with Miao Yu

“Architecture’s task is to make visible the invisible and qualitatively uncover and give form to that which is hidden.”   – Elia Zenghelis

In high density cities, the complexity and uncertainty of urban events have been far beyond our imagination. Due to land constrains, the property of the public space has also been changed to an ambivalent definition, which, somehow, turned the meaning of some peculiar “hybrid function” by traditional design approach into incompetence. Under this circumstance, we have come to focus on the public-functional space within a very typical high density city—Hong Kong, and tried to implement this project as an urban experiment. By taking the public space form as an agent, the proposal visualizes the mutually invisible relations between space form, time, boundary, scale and program, which always seem to be hidden behind their complex superficies.

This project was devised as a scaled model of a specific spatial condition named as “void”. We believe that this “void” is not nothingness but an “in-between” geometry and a place which has the greatest potential for various urban events. It is also an area that the stifling daily urban-routines can be inverted. The proposal is a neutral and homogeneous space that has the re-shaping power for multiple space forms: a space that has no fixed boundary or any final state but a process which is always under development. The voids mutually join and relate with each other within the space and finally generate an elastic system. It is not just an experiment, it is also an urbanistic strategy and a spatial prototype. It could be multiplied in different urban conditions with various scales accordingly, thus to responses to the dynamics of our urbanism today.

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